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The Private Leisure Centre is open! Please review the rules in the tab below

The rink is officially CLOSED for the season!

DOG DOO!!! They Poop, You Scoop! I am as great a dog lover as the greatest dog lover BUT…the dog doo, not so much! PLEASE PLEASE clean up after your pets! It is NOT hard to pick up your dog’s feces. Your fellow neighbors would like to take walks or let their children play without having to worry about a dog doo mess! There are many garbage cans along the path and one outside the leisure centre. Carry bags with you on your walks. Please take advantage of this and clean up! IT IS ALSO THE LAW! A fine for failing to clean up after your pet is $100! Pet feces can carry disease and is just plain gross! Take pride in your neighborhood and be considerate of your neighbors!

We need YOUR help with keeping eyes on the facility. If you see someone that you know should not be there…ask them to leave. If you are not comfortable with that, please contact me. If you see someone jumping the fence, no questions…call the police. The HOA is cracking down on outside people using the centre that should not be. 

THE MANDATORY FASE MASK BYLAW is in effect for the entire city of Edmonton indoor spaces, this INCLUDES the leisure centre.
While outdoors or swimming you do not have to wear a face mask. If you decide to go indoors for any reason you MUST wear a face mask. 
While this situation isn’t ideal for everyone it is what is being asked. We encourage all residents to respect the bylaw and other citizens and wear a mask. 
Please do not speak to residents if you are not wearing a mask. Please respect the 2 meter rule. For more info, use google as I am unable to upload any brochure regarding this for some reason.

During this time we ask that you sanitize upon entering the Private Leisure Centre as well as leaving the centre. Please read ALL the info below regarding the Private Leisure Centre and Covid-19.

We have a new fob system. If you have any issues with your fob, please contact the Facilities Manager, Kristen Ruptash @ 780-722-2965. You may be asked a few questions before receiving access to update our information.

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