• Courts are available to play on as long as it is clear of ice/snow.

• Consult the activity schedule found on the website, Facebook page, or email to find out more about scheduled activities (i.e., basketball, tennis, pickleball, etc.)

* Amenity may experience temporary closures due to social functions (i.e., Summer BBQ)

Rules & Courtesies

• Please be mindful & courteous to others when using this shared space. 

• The Leisure Center staff reserves the right to ask for activities in the courts to cease immediately and/or ask users to leave the property if individuals are not following the rules. The resident’s key fob will be suspended for a week pending further review by the board, who will determine the type and severity of the remaining consequence. 

Fun Stuff

  • Our basketball nets are new as of summer 2023! 2 basketball nets are stationary, and 2 basketball nets are height adjustable. Please ask a staff member to help you adjust the nets to the desired height.

  • Keep up to date on events like tournaments and other events by joining our Facebook book, and our email list. 


If you have any questions, comments or concerns related to the courts, please contact the office by calling (780) 432-4444, or by emailing our facilities manager at