• Opens as soon as temps are cold enough to make ice and keep it.
  • Permanently closes once temperatures stay consistently warm and it melts. 
  • Closes at temps -30C or colder (including windchill) and temps above -4C for maintenance.

Rules & Courtesies

  • HELMETS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Skate at your own risk!  
  • NO SLAP SHOTS. The glass boards are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Repair costs for broken glass will be billed directly to the resident or the resident responsible for bringing the guest.
  • No hockey teams, figure skating teams or private use over 5 household guest limit. 
  • No spitting.
  • The rink schedule is strictly enforced.
  • Residents are responsible for keeping up to date on all current rink rules
  • The Leisure Center staff reserves the right to ask for activities on the rink to cease immediately and/or ask users to leave the property if individuals are not following the rules. The resident’s key fob will be suspended for a week pending further review by the board, who will determine the type and severity of consequence. 
Upper Windermere Ice Rink Divider

Fun Stuff

  • Skate aids available on site
  • “Big Red” is a center ice divider. It can be taken apart or put together, as long as you are following the rink schedule. 
  • Outdoor Heaters are available by the Adirondack chairs. 


If you have any questions, comments or concerns related to the ice rink, please contact the office by calling (780) 432-4444 or by emailing the facilities manager at