Facility Access

  • Hours: 9am to 9pm. 
  • All residents households get one key fob for access during regular operating hours. 
  • Children:
  • under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times,
  • 14 for the swimming pool (16 years old to accompany a minor). 
  • Resident fobs must be readily available to staff and will be checked at random. All residents must also carry a photo Government issued ID and produce it when asked by staff members.
  • Children unaccompanied by an adult may be required to provide proof of age. 
  • All residents need to use their personal resident fob at the gate for entry. DO NOT open the gate for people who don’t have a fob. Even if you know someone is an Upper Windermere resident, they may have had their fob access revoked due to unacceptable behavior or because they have not paid their annual fees. If you see someone at the gate is having difficulties, contact a staff member on duty, or encourage them to contact the facility manager directly for assistance.

Upper Windermere Private Leisure Facility

Rules & Courtesies

  • Use the facility, pool and/or rink at your own risk. 
  • All activities at the facility are unsupervised, including the pool. 
  • No horseplay or foul language. 
  • Fighting, weapons, drugs, alcohol, vaping and/or smoking of any kind will not be tolerated under any circumstances. 
  • Music brought to the facility shall be kept at reasonable volumes and in consideration of others. Music over the loudspeaker will be chosen at the discretion of Leisure Centre staff.
  • Call 911 in case of emergency or for trespassers inside the centre after hours. 
  • Disrespectful and/or abusive behavior and language, or failure to comply with the rules and expectations will result in immediate removal from the facility and brief suspension of future facility privileges. During this time, the resident household will be reviewed by the board, whom will decide whether reinstatement, continued suspension, fines, or other consequences will be laid. 
  • If the Leisure Centre requires additional attention, the Facilities Manager can be contacted at 780-722-2965. 

  • One household may accompany a MAXIMUM of 5 guests in the facility. 
  • Guests must be accompanied AT ALL TIMES by household residents. Residents are responsible for guest behavior and rule compliance at all times. 

Lost & Found
  • WRA will not be responsible for any personal items left at the facility. 
  • Unclaimed belongings will be placed in the “Lost and Found” for one week & posted on the Windermere Leisure Centre Facebook page. Item(s) not claimed, will be discarded or donated.

Special Events

  • NO private bookings for parties, events, etc. 
  • NO birthday parties or parties of any kind can be held at the Leisure Centre.


  • No pets

Food & Drink

  • No alcoholic beverages or glass containers.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted within the ice rink or the pool. 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns related to the Upper Windermere Private Leisure Centre, please contact the office by calling (780) 432-4444, or by emailing our facilities manager at  wra.hoa.coordinator@gmail.com